abstract composition 10

abstract composition 10

Size: 68 x 120 cm, Date: 2017, Technic: oil on MDF panel

Related Institution: Canvastar under the license of Istanbul Sanat Evi
Sales authorization documents are presented in our tables by our institution. Thanks to this document, the table is licensed to the relevant collection.
The institution is obliged to perform the necessary repairs in cases where the table is deformed without any external intervention (except in damp conditions and exposure to excessive sun).
However, in case of any impact and damage, responsibility will belong to the collection. In such cases, the necessary renovation and repair project will be prepared after the work is examined.
Important Note: The owner must provide information to our agency in cases such as secondary sales, hand replacement, and alteration of the table location.

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technical analysis

The large-sized work is prepared on a wood panel stretched canvas. First, the texture was applied on the surface with tissue paste. After drying, the oil paint was thinned with turpentine and the color transitions on the ground were formed. This process was repeated with different colors appropriate to the composition after each layer had dried. Thus, the floor is provided to create a depth appropriate to the designed composition. Then the soil work was expected to dry completely for a long time (about 10 to 15 days). Then the main composition study phase was started.

At this stage, more intensive paint pouring technique was used. However, after the shedding of each color, it was immediately intervened by various tools without waiting to dry out and the main roof of the composition was revealed. The dyes in the upper layer were then allowed to stand for about 15 to 20 days to dry.

The brush technique was used at this stage. In the last phase, details of the composition and light fields were studied.