Peyami Gurel (Istanbul,1959) is an artist who made technical researches in ancient arts (marbling, calligraphy and miniature) and added new expansions on them with a new attitude.

The artist established and directed an art gallery in 1993. In
addition to his painting skills, he is closely interested in different branches of archaic art. In the years between 1996-1997, he prepared and presented a TV program about art which was a live weekly broadcast. He also worked as an art director and advisor in private companies and institutions. Now, his paintings and sculptures exist in worldwide private and institutional collections.

Throughout his career, he’s been known as making rare solo exhibitions. His main art expression is related to ontological dimensions. In his philosophy  the core problematic is existance, so his attributions are for the pure sole. (The well beloved) The artist is deeply affected by hermetic teaching and mysticism.

He still continues to paint in his workshop and educate his students in Istanbul.

The personal exhibitions of artist;

  • 1994 Prizren, Yugoslavia
  • 1996 Taksim Art Gallery, Istanbul
  • 1997 Fine Arts Gallery, Bursa
  • 2000 Cemal Resit Rey Exhibition Center, Istanbul
  • 2003 Gallery Artist, Istanbul
  • 2008 Cemal Resit Rey Exhibition Center, Istanbul
  • 2009 Florence International Biennale
  • 2010 Mackamodern, Istanbul
  • 2013 Turkish Center Exhibition Hall, New York
  • 2015 Nishart Art Gallery, Istanbul