The Immortal

peyami_gurel_2010_20_aBeauty, grace and depth constitute the main axis at all times!

Postmodern attitude says “Everything contains art”. Although it was actually born as an attitude against programming and art’s industrialization, today it has subjected itself to the understanding it was opposing before. Now, postmodernism is destroying itself by being a subject to the process of modernization.  Yet, distinguishing aesthetic is a need and the sincerity of the aesthetic one is obvious in every age.

We are aware that describing movements by categorizing them facilitates our lives.  Yet it wouldn’t be wrong to say that in this context the movements do not matter. However, categorization is not adequate when it comes to art’s words and/or symbols.  For ‘words’ change according to time and space without being bounded by a specific movement. Every artist passes through her own antique, modern and postmodern times in a lifetime.  Yet we cannot be sure which and how much of these would appear on the stage of history. Your words, even though they have already been said, would get on new senses in the time and space of this moment. That is why the archaic one is also the immortal one.

Painting is a language: the speaking of images. Language, on the other hand, gets its strength from its word richness. So a good painting is similar to a language which contains archaic words. The one which has words to say to all ages is the valuable one. Translating the visuals is much easier than translating the spoken languages of the world.  Sounds and visuals represent our humanity much easily and freely. All these words and sentences are our very own story.

This attitude = Exist

The whole of human experience come into being right in the middle of nonbeing and being, in the center. Our desire to know, our freedom turns into permanent symbols and they produce aesthetic, grace and depth.

That’s what we care about. Knowing and freedom and what they produce.
That is the archaic and the immortal.

Peyami Gurel

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